Summary of The Piper 3 Day Reset

Come and embark on an Internal Fitness journey of detoxing, rebuilding and reflection.

TPR is geared to reset our mind and body on the wonders 3 days can do. When you feel better, you want to do better. What good is it to put good materials (nutrients) into a rocky foundation (the body)? Lets start by getting rid of old materials that are not serving us for the greater good (toxins and waste matter) and bring in clean, vibrant living materials (nutrients) to build a new will functioning home (body). Remember, our body is our temple so let’s treat it as such.

The 3 Day Reset is a door to door service. We want you to leave your mental, emotional and physical stress behind. We pick you up at your home with your first meal of the day. A beautiful scenic ride to the center where you will be greeted with another meal. All accommodations and services are included. Services include ozonated foot detox baths, exercise therapy, acupuncture, microcirculation therapy, oxygen therapy, infrared sauna heat therapy and colon hydrotherapy. A day of outing and yoga and meditation to round up the weekend. Past guests have lost 4-10 lbs in 3 days and have keep it off. A few have gained 1-2 lbs back as they admit the fell back into old habits. All meals and supplementation are geared toward detoxing and nourishing the body.

TPR is the beginning of embracing your new lifestyle. If you are able to walk away and implement 3 things that you learned over the weekend, you will see and feel the difference. Some will walk away ready to take on the world, some may want to take baby steps. That is ok, the knowledge is already inside. When YOU are ready, you will do it at YOUR pace.

in The Piper 3 Day Reset

#1 – 3 Day Detoxification Protocol

Cleanse the body at the cellular level to start experiencing greater clarity of mind and body.  Using living foods and nutrient dense super herbs, your body will be able to release toxins at a deep level and at a faster rate than other cleanses.  Your organs will start functioning more efficiently and be able to provide your body with the necessary nutrients and oxygen to perform at optimal levels. At the end of the 3 days you will start to feel renewed. Not continuing the lessons learned would just be uncivilized-smile.

#2 – Reset Your Metabolism

Kickstart your system for optimal energy production by ridding the body of toxins, heavy metals and yeast. When the toxins are eliminated the body can start its reset. Your metabolism will increase and the toxic weight will start to drop off.

#3 – Increase Your Energy

Become stronger, happier and full of life.  Harness the power of all natural, plant-based, nutrient dense, organic super foods and give your body what it truly desires … NUTRIENTS & MINERALS!  Once this has been accomplished, you will feel alive again.

#4 – Eliminate Your Cravings

When your body is flooded with living nutrients, the cravings stop. Why? As you start eliminating Candida and heavy metals the body loses its craving for the bad stuff and crave now the good stuff.

#5 – Reduce Inflammation

Stiffness of joints, tight muscles are toxins congregated in your cells, your tissues, your joints. Oxygen is an amazing supplement that starts the healing cycle when toxins have been eliminated. Taking certain supplements can aid in the reduction of inflammation.

#6 – Release Weight

Shed 3 to 9 pounds in 3 days.  Experience remarkable weight loss through this healthy transformational program and feel more confident.

#7 – Glowing Skin

Smooth glowing skin is an indication of your internal fitness. After day 1, the first look in the mirror confirms why you are doing this reset. Experience the pure beauty that lies beneath the surface.

The Piper 3 Day Retreat is located 2 hours outside of the city. We provide door-to-door service. Why? Detoxing starts from the mind. We want you to leave your troubles, negative thought and behaviors behind. We provide mineral rich water, green juice for your scenic ride up. Upon arriving you are greeted with another green juice laced with even more minerals. You settle in and we start our orientation and the first class: The Art Of Chewing.

Nutrient Dense Lunch followed by the days of well sort after therapeutic treatments which include:


External Fitness Gym Workout


Lymphatic Protocols

Ozonated Foot Detox

Oil Pulling

Bemer Microcirculation Treatment

Infrared Sauna

Specialized Colonics


Contact us at 212.925.0203 or 917.902.4594 or email us at and book the weekend that will make a difference in your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Achieve So Much Success With This Simple Program?

  1. It’s only 3 days
  2. It’s easy
  3. Its has advanced therapies

The 3 Day Piper Reset is an EASY weight loss and detox program. We replace your regular meals with nutrient dense live food that is pre-digested and made from organic vegetables and super herbs. In order to maintain muscle strength while detoxing, we include certain supplements to aid in the detox and rebuilding aspects. As you detoxify your body and the abundance of nutrients, are able to inter the cells easily, your body shifts into a fat-burning machine, shedding unwanted pounds in a healthy way.

What are the Meals on the Program?

The nutrient-dense living foods was adapted from Ann Wigmore Energy Soup with organic vegetable and super herbs.

How Often Can I Repeat the Program?

The Piper 3 Day Reset can be safely repeated several times a year as it is not strenuous on the body but actually strengthens the body and its cells while it eliminates toxins we accumulate daily from the body.

Will I Keep the Weight Off?

Like all weight loss programs, what you were doing prior to starting the program is what got you there in the first place. The challenge that many people face is that old habits die hard, meaning that many people usually find that snacking and unhealthy eating creeps back into their daily lives because the cravings were just too strong to withstand. Cravings exist due to nutritional imbalance within the body. So when we balance the body nutritionally, cravings subside. This is why keeping up your nutritionally dense food and supplements your body will be healthy enough to keep cravings away.