Our Featured Services


Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure, vibration, moving, done manually or with mechanical aids.

Infrared Body Wrap

The Infrared body wrap heats through a carbon fiber matrix contained within the silicone treatment pads.

Internal Fitness Consultation

Our general nutritional consultation consists of an assessment of past, current, family and medical history.

    Who we are?

    Here at The Piper Center for Internal Wellness, we listen to you, understand your needs and then deliver the very best services to fit those needs. We believe that what sets us apart from other centers is our unwavering dedication to understanding our clients. Our experience has taught us that consistent quality care provides a deep sense of trust that our clients are looking for when taking control of their health. Our comprehensive staff includes, an in-house nurse practitioner, a live blood analyst, colon therapists, massage therapist and more. Our sanctuary, located in Soho, is a comforting and soothing interior environment. Our state of the art equipment provides for the most optimal and quality experience.